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Meet Our Staff

Each Black Flag Dive Center instructor (swim/scuba) is hand picked for quality, confidence, and professionalism. We trust these instructors because we trained them. Our team is determined to provide you with the best instruction available! 

About Us

~The Ocean is Our Way of Life~

Black Flag Dive Center is committed to world class instruction and service. Founded in 2021 by John Youngblood after over 20 years of experience in the industry; our mission is to be on the front lines of ocean conservation any way we can. We believe it is our responsibility as divers to leave this world better than we found it for future generations to enjoy! Continuing education through education, activism, and action is the best tool to prevent accidents, enhance enjoyment, and open new doors to adventure within the underwater world.

Scuba. Swimming. Fitness. It's what we do. Black Flag Dive Center only employs the best of the best instructors. We offer a million dollar service, and therefore we need million dollar employees. No shortcuts are taken throughout a staff member's training or instruction. Not only are we committed to being the best in the business when it comes to instruction and service, we are also passionate about ocean conservation and conservation education.

The underwater world is important to us in many ways. Future generations of swimmers and divers are depending on us to leave them something just as wonderful and magical as what we experienced on our first few dives in the big blue. 

Three inspired scuba divers brought Black Flag Dive Center into existence to share the magic that our oceans have to offer and encourage others to help preserve and restore that magic. Our team is committed to making your scuba diving experience as simple as possible, safe, and extremely enjoyable. We like to make you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the doors of our shop and we know you will find the same positive energy on our dive trips!

Black Flag Dive Center believes in making small scale differences daily so that we can see big changes later for our future generations. One of our most significant motivations is the restoration of our planet's coral reef systems. With coral reefs producing about 70% of the world’s oxygen, we strongly encourage all divers to take part in ocean conservation activities. Join us on some of our planned conservation efforts, we would love to have you! Our goal is to bring together and create like-minded divers who want to help care for our planet and we love to add new dive buddies to our group! It has been such a pleasure to meet, get to know, and dive with our new friends since Black Flag Dive Center’s opening day and we cannot wait to meet you too!

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