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Open Water Scuba Diver

What to Expect?

Our NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver class will teach you about modern dive equipment, diving sciences, responsible diving practices and the environment. First, all diving skills will be learned (online/in classroom) and practiced in the comfort and convenience of a confined water environment(pool). Then comes your open water training dives, with your NAUI Instructor, where you will perform those same familiar skills in a real-world diving scenario. Our goal is to prepare our divers for any environment so we offer our student freshwater training with the option to add in a saltwater dive with your instructor.

This course is conducted over a two-weekend time period. The dates on the calendar represent the START date. First weekend consists of classroom on Saturday, and pool on Sunday. The second weekend consists of 4 open water dives.; two on Saturday, and two on Sunday. 

Begin your underwater explorations! 

This is our entry-level certification course that covers the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely dive in open water.

Starting from $500

Ask us about a private lesson!

*Minimum age for participation is 10yrs*

Course Includes

  • NAUI E-Learning

  • Instructor led Classroom Session

  • Confined Water Dives

  • Local Open Water Dive Site Fees

  • Open Water Dives (4)

  • Rental Life Support Equipment; BCD, regulator, wetsuit, gauge, computer, tanks, flashlights, etc.

  • NAUI Digital Diver Certification ID Card

  • DAN Diver Insurance for the duration of the course

  • 10% discount on Primary Gear purchase (We encourage you to try out your gear before you commit to it, so our store policy allows for exchanges on masks and fins until the end of business on your pool session day) 

Course DOES NOT Include

  • Personal Gear; mask, snorkel, boots, fins, and weights 

  • Travel expenses to/from training and dive sites

Course Outcomes;

As a certified OW Diver you will be able to...

  • Scuba dive with a buddy- unsupervised

  • Scuba Dive to a maximum depth of 18m/60ft

  • Rent dive equipment

  • Obtain air fills

Dive Sites

Lake Denton

Prehistoric Devil's  Den


Available Add-ons

  • Beginner Bundle - Open Water + Nitrox. Digital Materials and Certification Cards (Most Popular, Bundle Saves 50% on Nitrox Certification)​​

  • Premier Package - Open Water + Nitrox. Physical Materials and Certification Cards (For those of you who like physical textbooks

  • Saltwater - Last Two Checkout Dives Conducted In Saltwater (This makes for an unforgettable first experience)

  • Full Face Mask - Learn To Dive In Full Face Mask As Well As Traditional Gear (Bundle with open water and save 50%) Learn More

  • Personal Underwater Photographer - Document your experience and keep those memories forever! (call to book)

Bundle NITROX? Yes, Please!
We have 6 good reasons why you should.

6 Reasons to bundle your nitrox and open water certifications


Less nitrogen in your body reduces the chance of decompression sickness (DCS), improving your overall diving safety.

The absorbed nitrogen is the main cause of this disorder in which the nitrogen dissolved in the blood and tissues by the high pressure forms bubbles as the pressure decreases.

Symptoms can include fatigue and pain in muscles and joints.


Recreational Nitrox which may contain anything between 21 and 40 percent of oxygen, has a lower percentage of nitrogen than air. This allows divers to extend their no-decompression limits/ dive time by reducing the amount of nitrogen that is absorbed. The less nitrogen there is in a diver’s breathing gas, the lower his nitrogen absorption will be at a given depth.

For example, on a deep wreck dive, If you dive on air your maximum bottom time on a wreck located at 24m/ 78ft will be around 29 minutes. Diving with Nitrox enables you to remain for about 42 minutes at the same depth, keeping in mind your air-consumption.


A Nitrox diver absorbs less nitrogen for a given depth and dive time than a diver who uses air. This means that that diver has less nitrogen to off-gas during a required surface interval, which can drastically shorten it.


If a diver engages in more than one dive per day, Nitrox becomes particularly useful. The diver will have a longer allowable bottom time on a repetitive dive than a diver using air, as he has absorbed less nitrogen.


Many divers report a significant difference in alertness after a dive with Nitrox. They claim to be less exhausted than after a comparable dive on air, which may be caused by the lower absorption of nitrogen.


When you bundle your Nitrox certification with your open water certification, you save 50%

Add a Personal Photographer to document your experience!
includes: our exquisite underwater photographer, Honesty, on your certification dives to document your personal experience. You will recieve tastefully edited photos and videos from your scuba diving journey to treasure forever!
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