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Dive Beyond: Experience the Avelo Revolution with
Black Flag Dive Center

What to Expect?

Imagine diving with the freedom to move as you wish, where the ocean becomes your sky and you, a bird gliding through it. The Avelo system revolutionizes underwater exploration by offering unmatched buoyancy control, reducing gear weight, and enabling divers to experience the underwater world like never before. With Avelo, you're not just diving; you're embracing a future where the sea's depth is your playground, and the rules of gravity no longer apply. Experience the thrill of true underwater flight with Avelo, where adventure awaits in every dive.

Dive into the future of underwater exploration with Black Flag Dive Center's exclusive offer! For the first time, immerse yourself in the cutting-edge Avelo diving system, designed to transform your underwater experience. This unique opportunity not only lets you try the innovative Avelo system but also enables you to achieve certification through our specialty course. Join us to elevate your diving adventures, mastering unparalleled buoyancy control and enjoying the freedom of the seas like never before. Don't miss this chance to be among the elite to dive deeper, longer, and with more joy.

Black Flag is bringing the Avelo System to Florida this summer, and you can JOIN US in becoming an early pioneer of this new innovation in scuba technology! Training and two-tank certification dives are in SALTWATER on July 23-27 for only $450. Rent a system to use for additional days of diving for $100. 


The Avelo Hydrotank system is built around a buoyant, lightweight carbon-fiber tank with a large 106cf capacity (most recreational scuba tanks are only 80cf) and a massive max service pressure of up to 4350 PSI! WOW. The Avelo tank is buoyant, and can become lighter or heavier by adding or removing water (not air) to maintain neutral buoyancy. You don’t need weights or a BCD anymore! Your Avelo jetpack-style rig will be about half the weight of a traditional BCD, weights and tank.

Course Includes

  • E-Learning

  • 2 Instructor led Dive Sessions

  • Digital Diver Certification ID Card

  • Avelo Dive Equipment rental (jetpack, hydrotank, battery, regulator, dive computer)

  • Local Open Water Dive Site Fees (Saltwater Boat Dives)

Course DOES NOT Include

  • Personal Gear; mask, snorkel, boots, fins, and weights

  • Rental Life Support Equipment; BCD, regulator, wetsuit, gauge, computer, tanks, flashlights, etc.

  • Travel expenses to/from training and dive sites

  • Hotel/stay expenses near dive sites

Starting from $600

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