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Underwater Photography

by Honesty

Female Underwater Photographer

Meet the woman behind the camera!

Embark on an unforgettable journey beneath the waves with Honesty, your guide to the mesmerizing underwater world! Booking her for your open water class or scuba trip isn't just an opportunity—it's a ticket to capturing memories that are as priceless as the ocean's hidden treasures. Whether you're gliding alongside majestic sea creatures, exploring mysterious wrecks, or marveling at the vibrant dance of coral reefs, Honesty ensures that the memories you make are immortalized through stunning imagery. Choose the perfect package to suit your underwater aspirations and dive into an experience where every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be captured. With Honesty, your dives are not just adventures; they are opportunities to collect invaluable memories that will inspire for a lifetime.

 Don't just dive—dive with purpose, passion, and the promise of capturing the priceless.

~Be Advised~ as travel/stay needs and diving fees vary depending on your destination, these packages may be booked only after a consultation with Honesty. Please include; your desired time frame for your dives, your desired pkg, and where you will be diving. 

Please Note: Once purchased, your package may be split up over time ONLY if those changes have been discussed between you and Honesty herself. 

Photography Packages

Personal Open Water Photographer

Adding a professional photographer to your open water course enriches your experience, capturing your first breaths underwater and documenting your underwater journey with high-quality images. These photos not only highlight your achievements but also allow you to relive and share your adventure with others. 

You will receive:

Edited Footage

 (Pictures & videos)


(includes diving fees)

Choose the add-on for 'OW Photography 2-dive pkg' when you purchase your Open Water course. 

Trip Photographer
(Local or Exotic)

Investing in a photographer means you take home more than just memories; you take home a piece of the ocean's majesty. These images become priceless souvenirs that bring your stories to life, allowing you to share the thrill of the dive with everyone. With a photographer on board, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean, knowing the memories are being expertly preserved. Honesty will capture the magic of your underwater adventures, from the vibrant coral reefs to the serene moments of encountering marine life, ensuring every significant moment is immortalized.

You will receive:

Edited Footage (includes pictures & videos)

(1) Memory Book

$302-Dive pkg

$400 4-Dive pkg

$450 6-Dive pkg

(+ diving fees, travel & stay accommodations as needed)

Consult with Honesty

Do you have your own idea for a shoot? Let Honesty know and she will discuss logistics and pricing with you.






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