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Black Flag is full of fearsome pirates, underwater explorers, and best of all....

M E R M A I D S !

Are you looking to become a mermaid? Need a mermaid for your event? 

Look no further. You've found the right cove, thanks for swimming in! Browse the options below for the mer-course that fits you best OR schedule your own mermaid party!

~Mermaid Menu~

~Meet Our Mermaid~

Introducing.... Mermaid Marina Moon!

She is not just a mermaid- she's a vibe, a trendsetter, and the key to unlocking the ultimate underwater soiree. With a heart dedicated to coral preservation and restoration, shark conservation, and the freedom of cetaceans; Marina Moon is a fierce advocate for ocean causes around the globe. As a first-fin viewer, Marina brings her love for her underwater friends to the surface. Follow her on social media for environmentally conscious ideas to add in to your everyday life, small movement make huge impacts when everyone is doing it!

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