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Why Nitrox?!

Updated: Feb 22


what's up guys I'm John owner and instructor here at Black Flag Dive Center and today I'm here to talk to you about why you should bundle your nitrox certification with your Open Water certification we get the question all the time okay well tell me John what's what's the advantage there well first of all let's talk about what nitrox is okay nitrox is a gas mixture where the percentage of oxygen is greater than it would be if you were breathing air so for instance air is composed of about 21 oxygen and 78 or 79 nitrogen when you increase the amount of oxygen in the mix you also decrease the amount of nitrogen in the mix our bottom times as divers are determined by how much nitrogen we in gas during a dive okay so if there's less nitrogen in the mix for you to in gas then you will in gas less nitrogen over the course of a dive okay so what does that mean for us well essentially that means that we can have longer bottom times I don't know about you but when I pay my hundred dollars hundred and twenty dollars whatever the fee may be to get on a boat I'm paying for my underwater time because I want to see Fish and swim with Turtles as much as possible that's Advantage number one advantage number two is shorter surface intervals okay so when we're out for a day of diving when we are done with the dive we have to sit on the surface and allow our bodies to off gas some of that nitrogen before we hop in again well if you've in gas less nitrogen over the course of a dive then you have less nitrogen to off gas in between Dives that's Advantage number two Advantage number three is going to be less fatigue after diving okay so how does that happen well have you ever seen an athlete on the sidelines during a football game in between sets or Downs okay what are they doing on the sidelines they're over there with a mask on breathing Puro two why do they do that because it reduces fatigue and it allows them to perform at their Peak levels okay so a lot of divers out there when you ask them hey what what is one of the main advantages of breathing nitrox they're going to tell you that well feel less fatigued after a dive when I'm breathing nitrox as opposed to when I'm breathing air okay that's Advantage number three when you bundle your nitrox certification with your Open Water certification through Black Flag Dive Center you also receive a hundred dollar discount simply because it's bundled together I hope that that clears up some of your questions and we look forward to seeing you soon thanks a lot English (auto-generated)

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Less nitrogen in your body reduces the chance of decompression sickness (DCS), improving your overall diving safety.

The absorbed nitrogen is the main cause of this disorder in which the nitrogen dissolved in the blood and tissues by the high pressure forms bubbles as the pressure decreases.

Symptoms can include fatigue and pain in muscles and joints.


Recreational Nitrox which may contain anything between 21 and 40 percent of oxygen, has a lower percentage of nitrogen than air. This allows divers to extend their no-decompression limits/ dive time by reducing the amount of nitrogen that is absorbed. The less nitrogen there is in a diver’s breathing gas, the lower his nitrogen absorption will be at a given depth.

For example, on a deep wreck dive, If you dive on air your maximum bottom time on a wreck located at 24m/ 78ft will be around 29 minutes. Diving with Nitrox enables you to remain for about 42 minutes at the same depth, keeping in mind your air-consumption.


A Nitrox diver absorbs less nitrogen for a given depth and dive time than a diver who uses air. This means that that diver has less nitrogen to off-gas during a required surface interval, which can drastically shorten it.


If a diver engages in more than one dive per day, Nitrox becomes particularly useful. The diver will have a longer allowable bottom time on a repetitive dive than a diver using air, as he has absorbed less nitrogen.


Many divers report a significant difference in alertness after a dive with Nitrox. They claim to be less exhausted than after a comparable dive on air, which may be caused by the lower absorption of nitrogen.


When you bundle your Nitrox certification with your open water certification, you save $100!

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