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The Ultimate Guide for New Scuba Divers: Top 5 Essential Pieces Of Gear To Start Your Underwater Journey

Updated: Feb 22

Scubapro BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit and Dive Computer

Welcome to Neptune's Notebook! If you're new to scuba diving, gearing up can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. To help you start your aquatic adventure, we've compiled a list of the first five pieces of gear you should consider buying. Featuring Scubapro, a leading name in dive equipment, we'll make sure you're well-equipped for your underwater escapades.

1. A Reliable Regulator System

  • Why It's Essential: Your regulator is your lifeline underwater. It's crucial to have a reliable system that you're comfortable with.

  • Scubapro Options: For budget-conscious divers, the MK2/R195 is a tried and true choice. Mid-range models like the MK11/C370 and MK21/S560 offer excellent performance. For top-tier options, consider the MK17/G260 or the MK25/S600. The high-end MK25T/S620 X-Ti, made of titanium, is a superb choice for those seeking the best.


1). Scubapro MK25 EVO A700:
  • Type: Balanced Piston with XTIS technology.

  • Ports: 2 HP, 5 LP.

  • Second Stage: Balanced, adjustable with adjustable Venturi control.

  • Cold Water Rated: Yes.

2). Scubapro MK25 EVO S600:
  • Similar to the A700 model in terms of first-stage type and port configuration.

  • Second Stage: Balanced, adjustable with adjustable Venturi control.

  • Cold Water Rated: Yes.

3). Scubapro MK19 Evo A700:
  • Type: Over-Balanced Diaphragm.

  • Ports: 2 HP, 5 LP.

  • Second Stage: Balanced, adjustable with adjustable Venturi control.

  • Cold Water Rated: Yes.

4). Scubapro MK11 C370:
  • Type: Balanced Diaphragm.

  • Ports: 2 HP, 4 LP.

  • Second Stage: Balanced, adjustable with adjustable Venturi control.

  • Cold Water Rated: No.

5). Scubapro Mk2 Evo R195:
  • Type: Unbalanced Piston with XTIS technology.

  • Ports: 1 HP, 4 LP.

  • Second Stage: Unbalanced, not adjustable.

  • Cold Water Rated: No​​.

Additional Gear: Don't forget a back-up second stage like the R195 Octopus or the AIR2, an inflator reg combo​​.

2. Dive Computer

  • Why It's Essential: A dive computer monitors depth, tracks nitrogen loading, and assists with safe decompression, making your dive both safe and enjoyable.

  • Scubapro Choices: Options range from feature-rich wristwatch-style like the A1, to wrist-mount models such as the Aladin Sport Matrix and the advanced Galileo G2. For console-style, consider the Aladin H Matrix or the Galileo G2 Console (G2C)​​.

Dive Computers

1). Entry-Level Models:
  • Scubapro Aladin SPORT Matrix and Scubapro Luna 2.0: Designed for beginners with a user-friendly layout, two-button operation, and compact design.

2). Advanced Models:
  • Scubapro Luna 2.0 Air Integrated: Suitable for extended range diving, with gas-switching capabilities and ideal for divers progressing to more advanced diving.

3). Tek Dive Computers:
  • High-tech solutions for advanced divers, suitable for experienced trimix divers and beginners.

  • Offer precision, versatility, and enhanced safety.

4). Air Integration and Heart Rate Monitor Models:
  • Scubapro Galileo G2: Offers advanced readings and decompression calculations, monitoring physiological parameters and dive data for personalized decompression​​.

3. Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

  • Why It's Essential: A BCD helps with buoyancy control and streamlines your experience underwater.

  • Scubapro BCDs: Choose from back-inflated types for reduced drag, front-adjustable for stability and comfort, or stabilizing jackets for unequaled stability. The Litehawk, GO, Classic, Seahawk 2, Glide, and HYDROS PRO are excellent models to consider depending on your diving locale and style​​.


1). Scubapro Hydros X Men’s BC/BCD:
  • Front-adjustable BCD with Monprene thermoplastic harness.

  • Features a modular harness and backpack design.

  • Lightweight fabric bladder made with EnduraTex high-tensile 420 nylon.

  • Monprene harnesses do not absorb water, minimizing drying time.

  • Includes a Super Cinch tank buckle system for stability.

2). Scubapro Hydros Pro with Air2 Men’s Scuba Diving BC Dive BCD:
  • Features route LP and HP hoses for accessory attachment.

  • Molds to your body shape for a seamless profile and stability.

  • Inflator regulator AIR2 combines a backup regulator with buoyancy control.

3). Scubapro Glide BCD with Power Inflator:
  • Front-adjustable BC with 420 denier nylon construction.

  • Features a wraparound air bladder for support.

  • Y-Fit shoulders for optimum fit and comfort.

  • Padded backpack and neoprene neck for comfort.

  • Super Cinch tank buckles for stability​​.

4. Wetsuit

  • Why It's Essential: A well-fitting wetsuit keeps you warm and affects your buoyancy control.

  • Scubapro offers a range of wetsuits designed to cater to various diving conditions, preferences, and needs. The thickness of the wetsuit is a critical factor to consider, as it directly correlates with the water temperature you'll be diving in. Here's a detailed overview of the different models and thicknesses of Scubapro wetsuits:

Wetsuit Thickness and Water Temperature

  • Up to 2.5mm: Suitable for water temperatures of 75°F and warmer. Ideal for tropical or warm water diving.

  • 3-4.5mm: Designed for water temperatures ranging from 70°F to 80°F. Good for moderate water temperatures.

  • 5-6.5mm: Appropriate for cooler waters, specifically in the range of 60°F to 70°F.

  • 7mm and up: Best for cold water diving, suitable for temperatures between 45°F to 60°F.

The choice of wetsuit thickness should be based on individual tolerance to cold, length of exposure, dive depth, and frequency of dives. Additional factors like body type, body fat percentage, and the use of hoods, gloves, and booties also play a significant role in determining the appropriate wetsuit thickness​​.

Scubapro Wetsuit Models

Scubapro's wetsuit line includes various models, each designed with specific features and benefits:

  1. Novascotia 6.5mm: Ideal for cold water diving due to its thicker neoprene.

  2. Everflex Steamer: Available in different thicknesses (3/2mm, 5/4mm, 7/5mm) to accommodate a range of water temperatures. Known for its comfort and flexibility.

  3. Definition 3mm: Suitable for moderate water temperatures, focusing on comfort and flexibility.

  4. Oneflex: Available in 3mm, Shorty 2.5mm, and 5mm variants, catering to a range of diving conditions.

  5. Sport Gen. 2: Offered in 5mm and 3mm thicknesses, these wetsuits are geared towards recreational divers.

  6. Profile 0.5mm: Extremely thin, primarily for very warm water or as a base layer in cooler conditions.

  7. Everflex Hooded Vest: Available in 2.5mm and 3mm, these vests can be worn alone or layered with other wetsuits for added warmth.

  8. Everflex Long Sleeve and Short 1.5mm: Light options for warm waters or for use under a thicker suit.

  9. Eco 2.5mm: A more environmentally friendly option, suitable for warm water diving.

Scubapro’s wetsuits are designed not only to provide thermal protection but also to ensure comfort, flexibility, and range of motion. The materials used in these wetsuits, such as the solvent-free glue and environmentally beneficial dyed yarn, also underscore Scubapro's commitment to environmental sustainability​​​​.

5. Accessory Scuba Gear

  • Why They're Important: As you progress, personalizing your gear with accessories like dive knives, lights, and bags can enhance your diving experience.

  • Considerations: While items like tanks are easily rentable, investing in personal accessories can make your dives more convenient and enjoyable​​.

  • Scubapro offers a range of accessories to customize and enhance your diving gear. This includes dive lights, marker buoys, regulator adaptors, dive mask accessories, fin straps, BCD accessories, and dive computer accessories. These tools range from essentials to tools for enhancing diving performance and convenience​​.

Each model and type of gear is designed to cater to specific diving needs and preferences, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Embarking on your scuba diving journey with the right gear sets the stage for a safe and enjoyable experience. By investing in quality equipment from Scubapro, you ensure that your underwater adventures are as remarkable as the marine life you'll encounter.

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